• engineering

      • Our gathered experience since 1987 allows us to bring the best solutions to our costumers
        • Technology & design

        • Our engineers design with the last technologies available, fulfilling the present and future demands of our costumers.
          Thanks to our long trajectory in design and development, we have access to the support of the principal manufacturers of electronic components, allowing us to always offer the last and most advanced solutions.
        • Main applications

          • Access control systems
          • Communication systems via Bluetooth, TCP/IP….
          • RFID applications
          • Fleet control via GPS
          • Control and management of industrial processes.
          • Communications via fiber optics and Ethernet.
        • Guaranteed Savings

        • In Guilera we offer the consolidation and saving of processes, management and economic costs of all of the projects of our clients.
          In all of our processes of investigation, development, manufacturing and verification, Guilera offers its wide experience as a quality trademark.